This week Whitehaven RL faced yet another difficult game as they were beaten at Featherstone away 78-0. 

The team have been facing some difficulty this season and it all looks very bleak for Whitehaven fans at the present. 

We spoke to Head Coach Jonty Gorley to hear his view's on Whitehaven's performance. 

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Mr Gorley said: "It didn't go very well and Featherstone are a good side, when you play against teams like that you need to be 100% in everything that you do. 

"Even if your defence and ball play are perfect you will still struggle and that's why we came away with a defeat. 

"What I wanted was performance to lead us into our game against Batley, I didn't get that in the first half and we didn't get it much in the second half. 

"For the first 15 minutes there were no tries which is a positive in a game like that. Some of our forwards had a good stint: Liam McAvoy was good and Dion Aiye was good as were other players.

"As I say a lot we just can't give teams the time with the ball and with teams like Featherstone that's only amplified. 

"It's ridiculous what teams can do to you when you allow this to happen and that's how it went on Saturday. 

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"To improve I think we need better ball retention, for most of the first half we had the ball for three sets. For just over twenty minutes we had eight tackles with the ball. 

"That's why the score was 46-0 at half time because for 20 minutes we just defended against a really good side. 

"At the start of the second half the team did what I asked of them and we were doing okay, but after that they just went back to how they had been in the first half.

"Featherstone played twice as many sets as us in the last thirty minutes of the second half. Our completion rate needs to be high in games like that and it just wasn't."