Over the weekend Whitehaven RL had a dificult game against Widnes Vikings losing the game 56-16. 

Whitehaven have had a rather difficult season and were hoping to see some improvement in Sunday's game, but this was not to be. 

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We spoke to Whitehaven's Head Coach Jonty Gorley to get his thoughts on the game. 

Mr Gorley said: "The match got worse and worse as they day went on, we set off not too bad. It was 12-6 after about 34 minutes and we had a bit of pressure on their line with three sets on their line. 

"We didn't score which was okay as we were building a bit of pressure, but then they got the ball back and went onto score. 

"We gave them too much play and our defence wasn't great, after getting the ball back they were able to score. 

"It wasn't great and that took a bit of a stong out of the game, they'd gone up to 18-6 by then and continued to score more tries from then on. We didn't see the ball for the last six or seven minutes in the first half and they managed to get two tries in that period. 

"It wasn't good by half time and I felt like we had too much to do, but at 24-6 we were still in the game. But then they went out and scored at about four minutes into the second half which just took the game away from us really. 

"For around a fourteen minute period Widnes were able to score around three tries so we were only able to defend for this time and complete the one set that we got. 

"We've been giving them far too much ball time and our defence wasn't great which is the story of our season really at times. 

"We're not playing in the right areas and we've got a bit of work to do really."

This weekend Whitehaven will play against Featherstone away and Jonty is hoping to see some improvement from this weekend's performance. 

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