HAVEN'S second-half performance as they thrashed Doncaster was the best 40 minutes their head coach can remember.

Whitehaven RL took headed to Yorkshire for the Challenge Cup and played exceptionally well securing a 60-0 victory, much to the delight of the travelling supporters. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley said: "During the first half we played like we have been playing and we gave them too much ball back, which is why it was only 12-0 at half time. But we put some things right during half time and talked about what we needed to do better and all I wanted them to do as to be more direct and stop inviting teams into our half. 

"We got that message through at half time and I thought that the second 40 minutes was, regardless of who we were playing, the best 40 minutes we've had so far. They did everything I asked and we had 100 per cent completion until almost the end of the game. If you manage to do that then you'll likely come out on top and I thought we played exceptionally during the second half. 

"We really did what we needed to do in the second half and secured 48 points. No matter what's in front, you've got to get your house in order and we did that in the second half. This just shows what we're capable of. 

"It was a good confidence booster and I think we needed that, I just want them to believe in themselves and listen to what I'm telling them and how I want hem to play, we'll be a match for most teams if we're able to do that."

Gorley also thanked the fans for their continued support. He said throughout the match you could hear the cheers from those who attended. He says that he was happy to see their joy at the team's success during the second half of the game and wants to keep making the fans happy. 

Haven next take on Dewsbury on March 6 at the LEL arena. Kick off time for the match will be 3pm.