Whitehaven RL is calling on people to come forward and support the club this season. 

The club is struggling financially which is affecting the team's performance in the new season's matches, amongst other issues. 

Whitehaven has been in the Championship for a number of seasons, and they need the support and funding more than ever to keep themselves afloat in the league. 

They are asking people to come down and help the board of directors and the club. 

Head coach, Jonty Gorley, said: "Championship is a tough league and it’s our third season in it however, it’s the least budget that we've spent on players and the smallest squad we've had. 

"The central funding has been cut and in the global climate everybody's bills are going through the roof, which we understand. 

"But the bottom line is if we don't get some funding via footfall coming through, via sponsors or via new investors I don't know what will happen with the club. 

Whitehaven News: Head coach Jonty Gorley Head coach Jonty Gorley

"We’ve said that we need 1,200 people coming through the gate, which is great because there's nothing better than a big crowd, but we need people to come down and help. 

"Whether that be on a volunteer basis or joining the board, there are only two or three directors left. 

"If Gary Eilbeck hadn't been involved last year Whitehaven RL would not have existed right now what he's put in out of his own pocket is unbelievable he's been at the forefront of funding. 

"Gary Eilbeck has now left the club so we'll be looking for more people to come forward."

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Mr Gorley continued: "We'd love to see more fans coming down. They of course want to watch a winning team. We've got our core fans of around 700 people who turn up every single week win, lose or draw, they're Whitehaven through and through. 

"But to get those extra fans through that we need to help fund the club they want a winning side. 

"But if we've got a small budget and other clubs have got bigger budgets it's not hard to work out what the difference is."