The Rum Story in Whitehaven has a whole range of new products which are available to buy this Christmas time. 

For years the museum and shop has been a popular visitor attraction in the town showcasing the history of the Jefferson family who sold their spirits from the cellars on the exact site where The Rum Story now stands. 

Interestingly they still sell the Jefferson's recipe dark rum which is as popular today as it ever was. 

Just in time for Christmas they have also introduced a spiced rum, chocolate rum and gin. 

Louise Mckenna, The Rum Story manager, said: "We've launched a chocolate rum just in time for Christmas which is based on a Carribean spiced rum and we've added in a lot of deep cacoa flavours. 

"We're working with Solway Spirits just over the border in Annan at their Distillery and there have been a lot of back and forwards just so we get it just right. 

"It's unique for The Rum Story and Whitehaven and we're hoping that it continues to go as well as it has been so far. 

"We've also recently launched a new warehouse gin which is based on a traditional old fashioned style gin, a bit more of an old tom. It's a lot sweeter than the normal gins.

"All our spirits are full strength at 40% proof and aren't liquers. It's a much sweeter, traditional, gin that the Jeffersons would have stocked back in the 1800s selling out of he bonded cellars at the back.

"It's been really good this year, especially with the Shop Local Whitehaven campaign, it's helped what has already been a good year. 

"We've found that the people of Whitehaven are absolutely fantastic and always want to support us. 

"Our shop tends to stock Cumbrian products and we try to keep our goods as local as possible. 

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"People seem to really like that that they're supporting Cumbria and are taking home hampers with goods from other small artisan businesses."

The week before Christmas The Rum Story also teamed up with Pet Encounters of Workington to offer an animal session plus other activities for children in the area.