A STATUE which commemorates veterans and soldiers has been 'beheaded' in Whitehaven leaving many disgusted at the lack of respect the offenders have for the statues.

The statue is part of the silhouette statue scheme which saw many silhouettes of soliders being resurrected across the area in memory of veterans that have fought for the country.

The silhouettes were created by Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company who are a social enterprise of the Royal British Legion Industries, they are the UK’s leading signage maker with a team of over 100 people. The team consist of 70 per cent past veterans from the Armed Forces, including those with a physical or mental disability, or both.

The damaged silhouette is located at Parton and Dave White, a past serving soldier shared the photo online with his disgust, saying:

'Spoke to the council about replacing it. How long will it take? And whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves, what kind of a mind does a person have to do this!'

Mr White further shared his thoughts with us saying:

"All I want is it sorted as it is a total insult to all our forces and ex forces. I served in the army for a total of 13 years and 110 days to be exact."

"It is a shame that someone could do this and it is still there."

Mr White has informed us that the council have not yet responded to his request to have the statue fixed.

This is not the first time the silhouette statues have been vandalised as one in Distington suffered a similar fate until a local company, West Cumberland Egineering repaired the damage. A similar offence occurred in Maryport as a war memorial was also vandalised.

The post garnered attention on social media as users shared their disgust saying:

'Some people have no shame' and 'digusting behaviour'.

Another user, Richard said: 'Absolutely shocking and disgusting. No respect at all.'

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