THROWN benches, trashed walls and defecation in the stands - a rugby club is appealing for action from parents after being struck by repeated acts of vandalism.

Egremont Rangers took to social media earlier in the week to detail the damage which had been caused to their property.

Picnic benches had been thrown into the field next to the pitch and an area of wall had been attacked.

The club explained that there is an ongoing issue with youths causing damage to the club's property, when they break into the ground out of hours.

Mark Chorley, chairman of Egremont Rangers, said: "We've had kids congregating there during the pandemic and drinking, we thought that we'd got over it. 

"We once had a door kicked in, they didn't manage to break in, but it was badly damaged.

"The police were called, and we had to repair the door, now we're going to have to repair the wall.

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"Our gates are always locked but what they do is climb over the gate to the field next to us and then climb over the fence.

"I think they're going into the stand because once you're in there no one can see you off the road. We've all been young and had the odd can, but now they're going too far - on some occasions they've even defecated in the stand.

"Once the police do arrive, as they do conduct patrols, the kids just run off into the field and back onto one of the estates.

"They've got CCTV and the cricket club next to the pitch, so we'll go over and ask to see if they've caught anyone.

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"But now we're going to have to get that installed ourselves to catch the culprits, the thing is they might even be kids who play for the club which is the worst part about it.

"We need action from the parents to tell them that they're doing wrong, even if they don't play for the club their brother and sister might. 

"It's just frustrating because now we've got to spend money that could have been used for something else to repair the stand."