A BUSINESS owner in Whitehaven says it will be business as usual for shops and other services - despite forthcoming roadwork plans.

Starting from Monday, July 25 there will be roadworks around the Corkickle, Flatt Walks and Lowther Street areas. 

Businessman Gerard Richardson is seeking to encourage people to continue to visit Whitehaven whilst the works are taking place. 

The roadworks around the Corkickle area will run for three weeks, whilst the others in the Flatt Walks area will run for around five weeks.

More will begin on August 15 running for around four weeks. 

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Mr Richardson said: "I have no issue with long planned works or emergency repairs, whatever this is; all I would like to do is to ask people to continue to support the town centre businesses during this period.

"Hopefully whichever agency is doing the works will add some signage to that effect as well because its too easy for shoppers to by pass the town if they think they will be delayed for too long.

"The town centre still has over 160 small businesses including shops, tourist attractions, cafes, pubs, hairdressers and other service industries like banks, dentists and the like but extended periods of disruption can cause significant loss and as this is coming right on the back of the worst couple of years ever, its essential that we remember that the town needs support to succeed. 

"As I said, I can’t see any issue with whatever work is needed being conducted, but lets not frighten folk away and at present the signage looks a wee bit off-putting."

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The Mayor of Copeland, Mike Starkie, added: "It’s important that our residents and visitors know that businesses will be open as usual during this time, and I’d encourage everyone to shop local when they can."

Cumbria County Council were approached for comment but did not respond at the time this article was written.