PLANS have been lodged for a set of solar panels across 40 square metres of Copeland farm land.

Copeland Borough Council has received an application for planning permission to install ground mounted solar panels at Hawes Farm, Kirkland in Frizington.

If approved, the panels would be installed on the south-facing slope of existing pasture.

In supporting statements, the applicant said: “The proposal is for a total of 8kW power, divided into two identical 4kW arrays, placed side by side

“The combined ground footprint is just under 40 square metres.”

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Solar panels at the firm will be supported by concrete footings and metal framework.

Panels will be used for electricity generation with no additional machinery required.

Hawes Farm, is a seven acre small-holding based on a no-through road near the villages of Ennerdale Bridge and Kirkland.

The proposal will have no impact on access, parking or the disposal of waste.

Plans do not involve an area that is at risk of flooding and the site is currently vacant.

The applicant sought pre-application advice from Copeland Council’s development control department.

And officers advised: “Overall, the solar panels are considered to be an acceptable form of development, in accordance with Policies ST1, ST2, DM10 and DM11 of the Copeland Local Plan.”

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The public can view and comment on all applications submitted to Copeland Borough Council for approval.

Councillors will take comments of support or objection into account when giving a verdict on planning applications.

To view applications submitted for approval in your area, visit: