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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

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Cleator Moor's Remploy factory to close

CLEATOR Moor’s Remploy factory, which employs 15 people, is set to close, it has been announced.

The decision was made in the House of Commons on Wednesday  to close 36 sites across the country - including the factory on the Leconfield Industrial Estate, which employs 15 people, 14 of which are disabled.

Staff at the Cleator Moor site have fought to keep the site open for months. They contacted Copeland MP Jamie Reed in October last year to express their concerns about how the closure would affect them.

The decision has been taken to offer staff from the 36 site compulsory redundancy. This will affect 1,752 people, of which 1,518 of these are disabled. A consultation period is now set to take place.

The ministerial statement suggests that at some point in the future the remaining 18 Remploy sites will also close

Phil Davies, GMB National Secretary for GMB Members working at Remploy, said, “This decision to sack 1,752 people in 36 Remploy factoriesacross the country is one of the worst decision that this discredited coalition government has taken since coming to office.

“I never thought that I would live to see the day that an organisation set up to provide sustainable employment for disabled people being
shut down.”

The next step is for a substantial period of consultation. Shop stewards from all the factories will be meeting on the March 26 and 27 to set out a plan of action.

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I worked for Remploy from 2007 until 2011 so I can speak about the Remploy closures with inside knowledge. The factories can be made viable if politicians local and national have the will to make this happen. Unfortunately this country has a history of closing and selling off manufacturing whereas our partners in Europe especially Germany have retained a strong manufacturing base which has been hugely beneficial to exports.
The Remploy workforce is skilled in making many products. Extensive training is given to anyone wishing to better themselves. The Remploy factories are not institutions as some politicians like to think, they are work places where loyal workers want to put in a days work just like any other workplace. Unlike the House of Lords where most of the participants either fall asleep or don't attend but still get paid. I did not want to drag my comments down to this level but Government should look at its own back door first.
Remploy must be leaner, but not by reducing the workers. Central overheads need to be reduced and the factories need greater autonomy. I don't believe enough thought has been given to make the Remploy model work. I have spent over 40 years running factories so I speak from experience.
The figures given by Marie Miller don't add up. Very few of the workers can expect to get jobs so will have no choice but to go onto benefits. Empty factories will need to have security and there will be other hidden costs.
Lastly if the Coalition can spend billions each year on foreign aid, some of which will find its way into the pockets of corrupt governments, surely they can support Remploy until each of the factories is properly evaluated with involvement from the workforce so that the correct decision can be made. The government themselves could be putting more work into the factories.

Posted by John Ferguson on 19 March 2012 at 06:11

The Labour Government didn't saddle the country with £1 trillion debt.
This was a bankers bailout.(50% of Tory funding comes from the banks)
Otherwise are we to blame Labour for every other country's debts?
The Tories achieved 33% of the vote from a 68% turnout. That in a time when Brown was the most unpopular leader for decades.
The British people are instinctively liberal.
The Tories only aim is to push wages down whilst maximising share dividends.
The Tories also changes their term to 5 years straight away when elected. Also making it take a 55% vote against them to make a vote of no confidence.
They allowed a man who is currently being investigated by Scotland Yard (Coulson) into the heart of government, whilst Cameron hung around with more criminal suspects in his private time.
The Tories did not put any of their policies before the British people.
If as they claim, the cuts were necessary, then why did both Cameron and Osborne vote with the Labour governments spending plans whilst in oppposition?
This is a coalition of corruption.
There is no other way a decent society could look at it.
We all contribute.
We all deserve something back.
To state that unemployment is in some way beneficial makes us look as idiotic as the neo-rightists standing for the Republican nomination in the US.

Posted by Kieran McGhee on 15 March 2012 at 11:31

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