Village’s viking treasure to go on display at museum

6 January 2017 2:38PM

Viking treasure found near the West Cumbrian coast is going on display in Whitehaven this spring.

In 2014 local enthusiasts Justin Bell and Daniel Boakes unearthed the hoard of 20 silver artefacts in Beckermet.

Mr Bell called their 16 trading ingots and four rings “the find of a lifetime”.

Now it is going on display in nearby Whitehaven, in The Beacon Museum.

All of the items were verified as being of Norse origin.

Evidence suggests that they could have been brought to Cumbria from as far away as Russia.

The hoard was given “treasure” status in 2015.

Mr Bell and Mr Boakes will officially launch the Viking Hoard exhibit at the harbourside museum on February 25.

A series of events will also be held during the February half term.

The discoverers will lead a metal detecting class with the museum’s Quantum Leap club at the discovery site.

Mr Bell added: “A lot of people don’t realise just what happened in Cumbria. It’s the second Viking Hoard that has been found here and it’s about piecing together the bits of history.

“I want people to know about it and the fact the Beacon has bought the hoard means that my children and grandchildren can go down there in years to come and say ‘Dad and Granddad found that’, and to me that is worth so much more than any money.”

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