Police probe Tory poster near polling station

A poster of Trudy Harrison above a polling station sign at Frizington
A poster of Trudy Harrison above a polling station sign at Frizington
8 June 2017 6:08PM

Police are investigating Copeland's Conservatives after posters for Trudy Harrison were put up near polling stations.

People spotted the poster for the candidate above a sign directing people to to and at the nearby Frizington Youth Centre this morning.

A Cumbria Constabulary spokesman said: "We are aware of the matter and we are looking into it."

Political parties are not allowed by law to display campaign material near to polling stations to stop them influencing voters.

The poster is on private property.

Mrs Harrison said it had not been erected by her or anyone on her campaign team.

It is understood that it had been there for weeks and only became an issue when the venues became polling stations.

A Copeland Council spokesman said: "The polling station sign was placed in that location to direct people from the main road to where the polling station is located."

He said the issue was that the political signs were erected near the polling station at Frizington Youth Centre.

He said: "Until 7am this morning, it wasn't a polling station so it would not have been an issue."

Mrs Harrison said: "The sign has now been removed to avoid any further confusion or concern."

It is also understood a sign for Labour's candidate, Gillian Troughton, also on private property, was put up today near the Tory one.

Labour's candidate Gillian Troughton said she has seen the Conservative sign up for around two weeks.

She said she was not aware of the Labour sign being erected.

Both were taken down by around lunchtime today.

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