Cumbrian rapists sentence appeal rejected

Stuart Milne and Terry Parry
Stuart Milne and Terry Parry
29 March 2017 12:49PM

Two drinkers who raped a Cumbrian teenager in a secluded churchyard have been told their jail terms were not a day too long.

Stuart Milne, 38, and Terry Parry, 31, attacked the teenage victim in the early hours of the morning after meeting her during a pub crawl in Whitehaven.

She was brought numerous shots during the evening before going to the churchyard with one of the men.

That "drunken misjudgment" was "exploited" by her attackers and they both later raped her during a "single, sustained" attack.

Both men, of Bow Fell Road, Whitehaven, were convicted of rape. Milne was jailed for 12 years and Parry for 10 years.

Judge Nicholas Cooke QC, sitting at London's Criminal Appeal Court, heard them argue their sentences were far too tough.

Their lawyers argued they had been punished on the mistaken basis it was a "joint offence" and they had "acted together".

But Judge Cooke, sitting with Mrs Justice O'Farrell and Lord Justice Fulford, rejected their appeals.

He told the court: "She was a vulnerable victim, considering her age, state and isolation. Severe psychological harm was caused.

"They were both aware she was affected by drink; her vulnerability was obvious.

"We can see no basis on which these sentences can be regarded as manifestly excessive."

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