Chilli festival comes to town

18 May 2017 7:17PM

Workington will feel the heat this weekend when a chilli festival comes to the town centre.

Chilli Fest UK will host what is billed as a street chilli fiesta in the town’s Udale Street car park tomorrow.

It will include stalls selling food and drink made using chillis of varying levels of heat.

There will also be a chilli-eating competition, which people over the age of 18 can sign up for on the day for free.

Hot sauces, cheese, oils, chocolate and art made with chillis will all be available. There will also be local bars on site and barbecue food.

Town centre manager Toni Magean said: “It’s something unusual which I think the town will really respond to.

“There’ll be plenty going on which will excite people and hopefully the community will get behind it because we are trying to offer different things.”

The event will start at 10am and is expected to finish by 5.30pm.

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