Our guide to all the soap action for the coming week.

EastEnders (BBC1)

Ruby really is pregnant, but that doesn't mean her troubles are over as Martin is asking questions about her 12-week scan – and she knows the dates won't add up. After booking a private appointment, Ruby discovers she's only seven weeks pregnant.

Blissfully unaware of his wife's lies, Martin books them a relaxing trip for Easter, but when Ruby suggests taking the kids as well, Stacey is annoyed and another row breaks out. Ruby leaves abruptly after discovering she's bleeding, but then the following day, the former friends start arguing again – and this time, the club owner ends up falling down the stairs...

Kat is busy trying to act like she doesn't care if anything is going on between Phil and Sharon, but she is bothered when she overhears Ben making a disparaging remark about her – and his dad agrees.

Sheree reacts badly when Kim tries to matchmake for Lola and Isaac, Dotty has a proposition for Tiff, and Suki warns Kheerat against messing with the Mitchells.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Leanne turns to a psychic again, only to realise she is being conned. Toyah is there to support her, and to suggest that she needs to focus on Simon, who is falling in with a bad crowd.

The grieving mother dismisses her concerns, but it's clear Toyah is right as Simon gets in deeper with Jacob's gang. He even puts Sam in danger when he agrees to take the younger lad on a bike ride, which ends in Sam witnessing an assault – and then inadvertently pedalling away with two bags of cocaine.

Over at the restaurant, Alya finds a stack of final demands. As the extent of Yasmeen's debts becomes clear, Alya suggests the only solution is to sell the community centre, but will her grandmother agree?

Steve and Tim bicker over who is going to drive the hearse at Ted's funeral, and Nina is touched when Dev and Mary pull out all the stops to impress her – but Asha is mortified.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Jimmy understandably panics when Carl disappears, and it doesn't really calm him down when his son turns out to be with Juliette.

He swears that he won't let her mess with his family, but Juliette approaches Nicola, suggesting they meet up to talk it out, woman to woman. Despite her misgivings about betraying her husband, Nicola agrees, and it seems they are making progress – until Jimmy returns home from work early and catches them.

Nate prepares for impending fatherhood by looking after Isaac and Kyle for the night, although he can't help worrying how Cain will react if anything happens to one of his young sons. However, Nate gets a glimpse of Cain's protective, fatherly side himself when Tracy goes into labour.

Moira bumps into Faith and demands answers from her mother-in-law - starting with why she's dressed in mourning garb and is driving a stolen hearse. The explanation leaves Moira feeling sympathetic, and Chas is also pleased is to have her mum back, but Cain is much less forgiving. With the siblings unable to agree on whether she should stay, it looks like Faith will have to go before the Dingle court.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Summer thinks that Warren was behind the attack on her dad, prompting him to share photos and stories from his childhood to prove how close he was to Cormac.

However, that may not be enough as she later overhears a conversation between Warren and Brody about her father. Brody decides that the only way to deal with the situation is to tell her the truth about Cormac, but will she believe Felix when he opens up about the abuse he suffered?

Either way, Summer is furious to spot Sienna and Brody talking. But what will she do when she finds Grace's gun, and is she in danger of messing with the wrong people?

Elsewhere, George ends up in hospital with a suspected broken nose, and even though the injury was an accident, he seems happy to let Peri and Courtney think John Paul was behind it.

Meanwhile, Cher's childish behaviour has Romeo contemplating a romance with a more mature woman, and Jack tries to keep Darren away from Nancy in her hour of need.

Neighbours (Channel 5)

Jane loses Clive's keys, and sets out to locate them – but in her panic, she ends up finding a lot more than she bargained for.

Aaron and David are shocked to hear about Brent's rough sleeping ordeal, so when he goes missing, the couple decide to search for him. Emmet arrives to help them with the hunt, but does he have an ulterior motive? And when they do manage to track Brent down, should Aaron and David offer him a place to stay?

Hendrix struggles on his first day at school, leaving him wondering if it's worth persevering, but he may not get much sympathy from Harlow.

Yashvi has difficulty accepting Shane's new relationship, Levi decides to put his professional skills to good use by finding Bea's poisoner, and Nicolette takes a stand against Paul.

Home and Away (Channel 5)

Colby has been a target since his fellow prisoners found out he was a cop – and this week his life hangs in the balance following a fight.

But when his condition begins to improve, will be tempted to take his revenge on his attackers?

Meanwhile, Dean is refusing to change his policy on prison visiting, but after Bella arrives home from seeing her brother, Ari takes it upon himself to try to change his mind, leading to an emotional reunion.

Christian asks Tori to help him find somewhere to rent, so Justin suggests he moves into their family home - without checking that's what his sister wants. However, Tori starts to wonder if she's letting her neuroses get in the way of her relationship.

Ziggy is a mess, but she receives support from a surprisingly understanding Justin, while Mac wants answers from the Paratas and John goes on a date with Susie – with mixed results.