Our guide to all the soap action, week beginning Saturday, January 16

EastEnders (BBC1)

Max continues to encourage a reluctant Ian to go for tests, but it looks like Kathy might turn out to be his saviour as she tells Sharon that she knows her son is unwell.

Her concern leaves Sharon feeling so guilty, she rings Phil and tells him she can no longer go through with the plan. However, Phil appeals to Sharon's own motherly instincts as he reminds her of what Denny went through and promises to get her something stronger to finish her husband off with.

So, Sharon invites Ian to a "special dinner" – and tells him that for dessert, they'll be consummating their marriage. But will he live that long?

Elsewhere, Mick is worried when Tina fails to get in touch on his birthday, and ends up taking his fears out on Frankie. When he later tries to contact his daughter, only to be told she's left for Australia, will he regret not making more of an effort?

Jay reassures Billy that his kiss with Honey meant nothing, unaware she has overheard, and Iqra is horrified when Ash tells her the truth about Jags.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Ray's lies and schemes look set to catch up with him at last after Faye tells Craig all about how the dodgy businessman tried to rape her. She also reveals she attacked Adam by mistake, and Craig offers his support as she makes a full confession at the police station. Eventually she tells Adam too, and he makes it clear he has no desire to press charges.

Ray, however, is arrested, which is just another in a long line of his problems.

Elsewhere, Elaine offers Yasmeen advice on how to get Geoff out of her head, David, Shona and Gail prepare to move on, and both Dylan and Michael hope to secure new living arrangements.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Vinny reminds Paul that it's time to come clean to Mandy, but when they arrive at the pub, she makes an announcement of her own in the form of a musical proposal.

Paul says yes, which leaves Vinny appalled – but when he accuses his dad of lying about his epilepsy, the row threatens to get out of hand. Paul's guilt later kicks in and he finally tells Mandy about his gambling, although he stays quiet about his violent behaviour.

Mandy kicks him out and later commiserates with Vinny about falling for Paul's lies again. But then a call comes through that Paul is in A&E...

Cain realises Mackenzie has been stealing cars from the garage and decides to teach him a lesson by tampering with the brakes on Pollard's motor, which has been booked in for a service. However, the mechanic doesn't count on Tracy experiencing contractions and Pollard taking the car from the garage early to drive her to hospital.

Harriet tells Will that she's moving out before she does any more damage, and Charles is later shocked to find the vicar sleeping in the church.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Maxine feels like things are looking up when she notices a good-looking stranger is giving her the eye. She's a little less enthusiastic when she discovers he's her new landlord, Brad, but when he reassures her that he's only interested in her and not kicking her out of the flat, they share a passionate kiss.

However, it turns out the relationship may be doomed before it's even started when Maxine's mum Trish (Denise Welch) turns up, looking for her boyfriend – Brad.

Celeste hopes that Cleo could be the calming influence that Toby needs, but sadly her brother's dark side emerges again when he discovers that Martine told his potential love interest that he's still a virgin.

However, it's when a counselling session goes awry that Toby really loses it, as Celeste arrives at the garage to find him claiming that he's going to kill their mum...

Home and Away (C5)

Just as Bella is preparing to say her goodbyes to her friends and family in Summer Bay, Colby is arrested – to Angelo's obvious delight.

So, rather than starting afresh in New Zealand, she feels duty bound to stick around until her brother's name can be cleared. Nikau offers his support, although Dean and Willow would rather he left well alone. Later he moves back into the Parata house, which means the entire clan is available to make a stand against Paul.

Relations between Martha and Alf remain frosty, Justin offers Tori advice about Christian, and Owen returns to town, but doesn't receive the warm welcome he was hoping for.

Neighbours (C5)

Kyle returns from Germany, determined to put on a brave face over Bossy's loss, but causes himself more trouble by inadvertently making Roxy think he's bought her an amazing present.

Hendrix's gambling career faces a setback when Kane grows suspicious of his winning streak, while Sheila is devastated to discover that Jane and Clive are an item.

Amy considers doing a runner on realising she's contracted to deliver uniforms based on a design she doesn't own, but instead tries to persuade Terese to opt for something different. Amy also finds a friend in Shane, and the pair begin to bring out the best in each other.

Nicolette tries to fend off Ricardo's attentions while trying to get back in David's good books - but ends up in hospital.