WAINWRIGHT prize-winning author Hugh Thomson will be continuing his UK theatre tour this summer with a visit to Keswick.

The writer, film-maker and avid walker will be recounting the experiences that featured in his book, One Man and a Mule: Across England with a Pack Mule, at the Theatre by the Lake on Sunday July 22.

He discusses the challenges of walking in the Lake District where the pair were faced with tackling some of the most rugged landscapes in the country.

Thomson has travelled to the wildest corners of the planet, and made films about writers such as Oscar Wilde and Patricia Highsmith, and also produced documentaries including the Grierson-winning Indian Journeys with William Dalrymple.

This talk accompanies his recently released book, that he wrote about the journey with his impetuous and energetic teenage mule, Jethro.

Travelling from England’s west to east coast, Thomson and Jethro traversed the Lake District and rambled through the Yorkshire Dales, ending their trip in the Yorkshire Moors.

Inspired by a route British fell walker Alfred Wainwright once took, their travels from coast to coast led to a number of encounters with the rich history and heritage of several different regions.

Thomson also picked up on how the landscape has changed over time, noting the differences between modern-day Britain and the natural, more untouched environments pack mules would be more accustomed to.

From motorways and pylons, to boundary fences and stiles, he discusses how the processes of enclosure are still continuing across the UK.

The event on Sunday July 22 starts at 7.30pm, and tickets are available from the Theatre by the Lake box office.