INDIE pop outfit Flynt are preparing to release their third and final live studio video ahead of their appearance at Kendal Calling this month.

The West Cumbrian four-piece will launch their live single, Honey - recorded in their recent "Committee Sessions" - with an online release on Friday July 20.

A week later they appear on the new Yam Riot stage at Cumbria's premier music festival, alongside the leading bands and artists from in and around the county.

Vocalist and guitarist Brad Kavanagh says: "The first two Committee Session videos have gone down an absolute treat with our listeners.

"Seeing people’s reactions to the videos when they’re first uploaded is fantastic. The highlight however, has to be seeing how many fans continue to stream the tunes afterwards.

"We’ve seen Anyway and Another Guy pop up on peoples playlists and continuously rack up plays on streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music, so it's good to know that people come for the video, but do indeed stick around."

Honey has been a staple of the live set for some time, and this professional recording is the most definitive version of the track to date.

Brad continues: "Honey is most definitely a favourite of ours, and it’s an incredibly fun but difficult song to play live.

"A huge part of what we wanted to achieve when we set out to record the Committee Sessions was to ensure that the passion we have for playing these songs live transferred through to the recordings, and we definitely think this has come across in Honey."

All of the live videos will be available to stream via the main digital retailers and online at for newcomers to the band to get in tune with their work so far.

Flynt's appearance at Kendal Calling will be one of their most high-profile gigs yet, and Brad is delighted with the progress they have made since their first live show early last year.

"I think we’re reaching a point where we finally know what Flynt is, both live and recorded, and that’s what we aim to show the people at Kendal Calling," he says.

"We’ve gotten to know our instruments, the way we work together and our songs even better and this summer is all about getting that across to people.

"We’ve been working away on the set-list for the festival and there’s some new songs in it that weren’t recorded for the Committee Sessions that some followers may not have heard yet, but Kendal Calling is the best place to bring them out and test them out.

"We’ve also been recording a song that we’ve played a lot, but have so far not released and it has us very excited. We feel more confident in what we want to sound like and how we want to be heard, so this new single we’re recording is a fairly big step forward."

Flynt release Honey via YouTube and all available streaming platforms on Friday July 20.