WHITEHAVEN RL faced a defeat over the weekend against Halifax Panthers. 

The West Cumbrian side took on the Yorkshire outfit at The DIY Kitchen Stadium in Halifax and came away with a 38-18. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley said: "It's a total turnaround from last week when we were talking about the unanswered points for us because we'd done the right thing. 

"We didn't do that today and they put a few points on us, it was disappointing how we were. They may start getting a little bit fast toward the end of the first half. We talked about that at halftime and what had happened to give us that 14-0 lead. 

"We were good but we just let it go, we talked about getting a fair share of the ball within the first half and we go in leading but in the second half, they had around ten or eleven sets more than us. 

"In the first fifteen minutes we gave a penalty away, then another and they scored which meant that we didn't see the ball. 

"Given a team like that, who as I said before the game are in a false position in my eyes proved they've got a bit of quality. But we let them play like that, I don't think we could have played any worse if we tried. 

"I think that was one of our worst 40 minutes in the second half. There were errors and they were scoring in sets because we weren't defending our errors. We didn't put a good defensive set in until about 30 minutes into the second half and at that point, the game is dead and buried."

He continued: "It was a tough afternoon, but we've got to have a look at ourselves regarding how we performed on the day. We've got standards to keep and that performance wasn't up to it."