WHITEHAVEN Rugby League came away with a win against Dewsbury Rams in their most recent outing. 

The West Cumbrian side gained a 38-12 win against the Yorkshire outfit in their game on Sunday, June 23, at the Ortus Rec in Whitehaven. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley said: "I do think we left some points out there in the second half, especially late on when they were down a number. 

"At the back of my mind, I've got last year in my head with the three points difference that we stayed up with, there's games already where we've not been clinical enough. I think we left a couple out there, but we still got back with 30 unanswered points. 

"They're a dogged side, they don't give up. I thought we were good, and we were 100 percent in the second half up until round about the same time in the first half. 

"I said that I hoped it wouldn't happen again, at around 25 minutes in we were at 100 percent and that's why we were in the commanding position. 

"This Championship this year is the most bizarre that I've been involved in. Looking at today, there's York who hasn't been great this year and they go Featherstone, and they turn them over. 

"Nothing is stopping Dewsbury coming here and if we're not 100 percent they'll be turning us over. It's what happens on the day, I think today we clocked off for 15 minutes but I'm totally happy with that second half.

"Maizen and Gebbie played well, we've got a bit of pace in the team, Gideon brings that to play as well and it's a threat because everyone's scared of pace. 

"He was in the right place for his first try, he was pushing up, spilled the ball and he went over from a metre out as I say, and he finished his second try off well off the scrum. I thought he had a good debut."