WHITEHAVEN Rugby League has shared news of their work with local schools. 

This is part of the work done through the Whitehaven Rugby League Foundation within the community. 

Representatives from the club have visited several schools offering skills workshops to pupils. 

Carol Morgan, community lead at WRLFC: "The Whitehaven Rugby League Foundation has made a massive impact on our local community.

"So far we have been to six local schools for six week blocks. We have worked on team building, and physical skills and encouraged young people to read for pleasure.

"We have worked alongside children with English as an additional language and special educational needs. We have added another level to learning for children who have become disengaged with their education."

In another aspect of their community work, Whitehaven Rugby League has been encouraging women in the area to become involved with the sport. 

This has been done through training sessions at the Ortus Rec. 

Ms Morgan continued: "Alongside this, we have encouraged ladies from the local area to be active through regular training sessions with the community team.

"We have been involved with over six local teams, encouraging both boys and girls to participate in the game.

"We have facilitated an all-girls event where 250 young ladies had the opportunity to give the game a go."

Outside of term time, the club has been running training camps for young people who are interested in rugby league. 

Several players are actively involved in the scheme and volunteer their time to the community initiative. 

"Every school holiday we have had training camps available for our local community. We are making ourselves heard and will be assisting the police and Health and wellbeing team at a planned event in July in Whitehaven Town centre.

"The community team members make my role very easy. They turn out in all weather and promote the club. They are making a difference.

"Huge thanks to Jake, Will, Joey, Lucas, Owen, and Lachlan. Keep up the great work. Please show appreciation for the team.

"Ortus Energy and Stork Engineering had faith in our vision and funded the programme. Again we thank them."