WHITEHAVEN RL landed a draw in their most recent game against Doncaster. 

The West Cumbrian side travelled to the Eco-Power Stadium, facing off against the Yorkshire outfit. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley said: "I think with how we were in the second half we were lucky to come away with a point. 

"If I'm being honest it seemed like both teams didn't want to win the game, they were as bad as us in the second half, but we gave them a lot more ball and field position. 

"They'd had 12 sets and we'd had six at one point in the second half. We were only getting 40% out of those sets and when the other team is getting 12 sets to your six you need to get 100%. 

"We're giving far too much field position, at half time we were 18-4 up. We were a man down at that point, we conceded at the back end of the first half with a man down and had four minutes to go until he came back on the field. 

"We conceded at minute one, so they got two tries when down to 12 men which isn't great. 

"They had four sets before we touched the ball in the second half, you talk about going set for set and doing the right thing. The first set they had got down here on the 23rd or 24th tackle but we gave a penalty away and then they scored the next set. 

"I think they got three tries in twelve minutes at the start of the second half. Fair play to them they looked desperate played some good stuff and had some big bodies. 

"What they did was the opposite of what I told them to do at half-time. We should have got a complete high kick in the corners and turned them around, keeping the ball in play, but we did none of that. 

"It's why we came away with what we did, it was only three or four sets that we did later on at the back end of the second half that got us over 50%."