WHITEHAVEN RL put on a strong performance over the weekend. 

The West Cumbrian side came away with a respectable 28-28 draw against Widnes Vikings when they played them on Sunday, May 19. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley said: "We had game management later on but they're a good side, so it was good to come here and get a point. 

"I do believe we can come here and beat these teams when you see how much pressure we had on the goal line in the second half the effort from the lads was unbelievable. 

"It was good to come away with a point, I'd take a point here any day of the week, especially with how they've been going. 

"Bearing in mind there's only us and Featherstone that have taken points off Widnes so far this year. 

"They're going well and they're a hard team to defend against because they're so fast and they throw the ball about. 

"The back three are lightning and you've got to me on your metal, they scored a try out of yardage in the first half because of that. 

"To contain them and come here and get a try I'm happy with it. 

"I said before the game, yes it's four G, and not a lot of people like playing on it but when you play rugby in this weather, hardly any wind, with a great surface we've got a bit of pace. 

"I said to them before the game, we need to play a bit here if we're going to get anything out of this game and I thought that we did that. 

"We can't be that team that just grinds other teams down, we were kicking on the second tackle for Mason's try. We've got to play to get the points and I thought we did alright today in that respect, we just struggled a bit with the backfield."

Whitehaven RL will go on to play Wakefield Trinity this coming bank holiday weekend on Sunday, May 26, at 3pm.