WHITEHAVEN RL's head coach Jonty Gorley has shared his thoughts on the season so far. 

The West Cumbrian side did not have a scheduled game in the league on Sunday, May 12.

Mr Gorley took the time to speak to media officer Jordan Weir to discuss how the team has been doing over the past few weeks. 

Jonty spoke in depth about the win against the York City Knights last week and what this meant for himself and the team. 

He said: "It was a good performance against York, and you see it at whatever level whether it's Super League or when we went against Egremont last week at the Ortus Rec and we put the ball down and they scored the next set, it doesn't matter it happens all the time.

"I record missed tackles, errors, and penalties each week and it's the errors and penalties that kill you more than the missed tackles to be fair. 

"In the two games we won previously we were 29 and 27 in total of those three things. In the games we've been beaten, we've been in the high 30s or 40s. Some games last year were in the 50s. 

"On Sunday, I think it was eight, seven, and five missed tackles, errors, and penalties, so we're down to 20. 

"There's your link with cutting down on the negatives and obviously getting a very good win at York. 

"I was gutted when they got the 16, that's where I'm at as a coach, I didn't want them scoring at all, and the lads didn't either but it's Championship and you clock off. 

"We clock off for one play and they get one then they're playing catch up. They're scrumming out the back side trying to get more points and then ten minutes in it worked for them. 

"But leading up to that it's the best way we've been in a long time, to go 36 nil up after 63 minutes before they had scored, I'm not saying was perfect but it's as close as we've been to perfect to get that score against a good side."