WHITEHAVEN RL came away with a fantastic result this weekend against York City Knights. 

The West Cumbrian side played at the LNER Community Stadium, and both the club and fans were delighted with the result. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley said: "It's the best half of rugby I've seen for a long time from us, we were clinical, our skill was good. 

"I've been complaining about our skill level letting us down last week especially, we would have got a result against Featherstone if we'd taken our chances.

"It just shows we're going in the right direction, it set off at Toulouse, and we put on a good performance even though the scoreline got away from us and we didn't convert chances there.

"We converted more chances against Featherstone, and today that first half we were ruthless and clinical at 26-0. 

"We came out and scored two minutes into the second half and then it gets to 36-0 and I was thinking to keep it nil. 

"That's what we wanted, we talked about it at half-time to keep the zero, and up until when they scored at about 60 minutes we defended, even though they had a bit of ball on us in the goal line in the first half, we just stuck to the process. 

"Nobody took it upon themselves to sort it but Joey jumped in on the left edge there, when it was 3v3 and they scored it gave them a bit of a lifeline and we didn't see the ball for seven or eight sets and they get three tries. 

"When you've got Ngano and people like that and Nikau with Ty coming on and offloading for fun, they were playing hot. 

"It caught us a couple of times on our right edge, we were getting dragged in and our back row was under the post. 

"They're getting us for numbers on our right edge, so fair play to them for putting a few points on board. 

"It is what it is and it's 36-16 with the first half being a brilliant performance."