WHITEHAVEN RL's head coach Jonty Gorley has spoken ahead of the team's next game. 

The West Cumbrian side will face off against York Knights away on Sunday, May 5. 

Mr Gorley shared his thoughts with Jordan Weir, he said: "You're in a good place I suppose if you're disappointed you haven't got the points against Featherstone regarding what we've been like against them the past couple of seasons. 

"So, it was disappointing, and it was the skill level and execution that let us down. They had plenty of chances to put that game to bed. 

"They have improved from the Batley game and that was really disappointing, and we improved against Toulouse with five or six opportunities against a good side, and again on Sunday against another good side. These are teams that are going to be in the top two or three. 

"We were creating lots of chances, we had seven tackled in the first half in good ball, and we scored three tries. 

"So, it isn't a bad ratio if we keep doing the right things and getting the right areas and not inviting teams into us, we'll be alright."

Jonty's side have been inviting the Egremont Rangers squad to train with them. 

The Haven side had a training match against them this week as a way of changing up the usual training routine. 

Mor Gorley continued: "We didn't set off great tonight because there are different opponents in front of us. We did a video of York before we went against Egremont and that's how I wanted us to play going into this weekend. 

"But I think sometimes in sessions like that it turns into a bit of a game rather than a plan. 

"It got a bit like that, and I'm pleased the squad was disappointed because they realised what they were doing, but the session finished really well. 

"We finished with a couple of halves set for set getting better as the session went on so I'm glad they were disappointed because it means that they understand what they're doing wrong."