EGREMONT RUFC U14s Girls' rugby team clinched another victory at the U14 Frater Memorial Shield Tournament in Ashington on April 21.

The day started with a journey to Ashington RUFC, alongside five other teams: North Shields, Tyndale, WBR, North Valkyrie’s and Penrith.

Early matches saw Egremont winning against Tyndale, after overcoming initial pressure from the opposing team. The girls' swift action eventually led to their victory, ending with multiple tries.

The next match was a different ball game, with North Shields showing they were holding strong. Dave Pater, media coordinator said: "With North Shields showing they were not going to be a walk over, Egremont had to put on a good performance."

After a tumultuous game and a turnaround, Egremont emerged victorious with a 12-10 win.

A parent watching the match shared, "that’s the best I’ve seen them play all season."

The final game of the tournament saw Egremont facing North Valkyrie’s.  Despite being denied an initial try, Egremont quickly bounced back to take the first valid try of the game, eventually defeating North Valkyrie’s 14-5 after a decisive tackle prevented the opposition from scoring a potential tying try.

Egremont U14s Girls' triumph was celebrated by those at the day. David Pater said: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the tournament along with the parents and referees, without them we would not be able to play rugby.”

The girls team recently won the first ever girls' County Cup championship in March.