JONTY Gorley's side put on a strong performance against Featherstone Rovers. 

The West Cumbrian side took on the Yorkshire outfit on Sunday, April 28, at the Ortus Rec in Whitehaven. 

Despite losing, Haven performed very well coming away with a 24-28 defeat against one of the strongest teams in the Betfred Championship. 

Jonty Gorley spoke to Jordan officer of the media team, he said: "Again, it's an encouraging performance by us and the shape we do at training comes into fruition on a game day. 

"We got the right areas, but I just think that we left points out there. It wasn't like last week with Toulouse where we got opportunities but didn't take any. 

"We scored some decent tries, there was a forward pass there, there was a 2 v 1, and another where we broke through the middle and the ball went to the floor. 

"We had them on the rack, even at the time we were getting beat twenty points to sixteen at the start of the second half and they had two clear-cut chances to go ahead. 

"Apart from the first twenty minutes when they were getting a real roll on all the time, the back five did a good job for them and we sort of got to grips with that. 

"If we go ahead in that second half with the way we played and defended I don't think, even with twelve men, we finished off well in the corner. 

"So, it's just frustrating that our completion was really good in the first half, and it kept us in the game when we were getting a roll on, but in the second half, we didn't complete that well. 

"We were down to fifty percent about twenty minutes into the second half which against a team like that you can't do. 

"We just kept letting pressure off for them it's just frustrating because I know this team and believe in them. 

"This morning, I was thinking we could do what we did today and get a win, I don't think many supporters would believe that, but I honestly do. That's just proof today that I'm right and when we're on, we're on."