THIS weekend Whitehaven RL will face off against Batley Bulldogs. 

The West Cumbrian side will be playing away against the Yorkshire outfit on Sunday, April 14. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley spoke to Jordan Weir ahead of the clash. He said: "Batley are in a false position, there's only three games gone the league isn't what it's going to be in another ten games. 

"They're a good side, they're a big side, Mark won't be panicking just yet there's plenty of games to go. Yes, they're going to see that at look at us as a scalp. 

"Bearing in mind they went to Halifax, and it was Lewis' four penalties that got Halifax over the line at 18-10 so they were two tries a piece. 

"They've been good at times and maybe they've decided to watch that game, but their discipline hasn't been good because that's cost them the game. 

"Of course, they're going to be confident coming here, the challenges now for our guys are tonight, Friday, and Sunday. We've got to work on what we got wrong on the weekend and look at putting Sunday right.

"I don't want people coming here thinking 'It's only Whitehaven it's two points' That's against what I've taught all the preseason and the last couple of games. 

"We make it hard; we're training tonight so that will start tonight.

"We've got a couple of injuries, one maybe not too good. We had an injury clinic on Monday night, and I think there were six there, but four or five of them were just everyday knocks nothing to worry about. 

"But there's a couple of lads not training tonight, we'll have to wait until Friday and make the decision then. 

"We've got Nathan for another two weeks, but Castleford have recalled George. Craig Lingard has 15 injured players himself so in Craig's boots, I'd do the same and recall by own players, it's unfortunate for us but good luck to George. 

"I hope he gets a go against Wigan at the weekend and makes a name for himself."