CLEATOR Moor ABC boxers were in action at Morecambe Community Centre. 

Cleator boxer Anthony Harwood boxed Aaron Hargreaves of Morecambe and District. 

In Round 1, Harwood used his jab to good effect and kept Hargreaves on the defensive with fast combinations and good footwork. 

Hargreaves fought back and made the round competitive with good exchanges coming from both boxers. 

Harwood knocked to the canvas and won the round. 

In Round 2 both boxers kept it to a lower range, Harwood used the same tactics with fast jabs and combinations. Hargreaves kept a tight guard and fought back with counter punches and Harwood edged around. 

In the third round, both boxers gave their all with both looking for the big punch with Hargreaves going forward. 

Harwood used the jab and fast combinations, landing the cleaner punches won the contest unanimously. 

Club coach Dick Newton was pleased with his performance and the tactics he used. He said: "It was good to see an improvement from the last contest."

The following week, Anthony Harwood was in action against Rocas Naliveaikea of a Blackpool boxing club. 

Harwood used his height and reach to good effect against his smaller and stockier competitor. 

He kept it low range, using his jab and fast combinations. Naliveaikea tried to get inside with body punches with Harwood winning the round. 

In Round 2 Harwood kept it low range, used the ring belt, kept aggressive with fast combinations, and won the round. 

In the third Harwood used the same tactics, keeping it low range, got the better of the exchanges, and narrowly fought back but it was the taller Harwood that won the fight unanimously. 

Dick Newton said it was nice to see the tactics used in the gym used in the contest as it paid off. He added: "He's a credit to the club."