WHITEHAVEN RL were defeated this week against Sheffield Eagles. 

The West Cumbrian side took on the Yorkshire outfit at The Ortus Rec on Sunday, April 7. 

Whitehaven came away with a 16-42 defeat. Head coach Jonty Gorley spoke to Jordan Weir, he said: "Sheffield played some good rugby league in the second half.

"They played well in the first half, but we dealt with it. When you don't have the ball for ten sets it's a bit of a snowball effect defensively, just taking the energy out of you and they are a good side. 

"They put some points on us in fifteen minutes. Obviously in the first half when they scored, we backed it up but in the second half we didn't do that, and they sort of got us at will at times through the middle and on our right edge. 

"It was mainly the right edge to be fair when they got the four ties in that fifteen-minute spell. We talk about it all the time, if you clock off in the Championship through one player or one set, that can happen and it did, it's disappointing.  

"We did a seven-tackle kick later on, but it was from a yardage set which I don't mind. You're turning them around and then you're going towards a twenty ready for them coming back.

"But when you put a seven-tackle set dead ten metres off the line and they react better, they go the length of the field near enough, and you don't see the ball for ten sets then that's the start of the rot. 

"It isn't just that kick, we need to react to the next set after points, it's disappointing but they're a decent side I'll give them that. 

"They've played some good stuff today and it shows you what happens when they get that much ball, they did well. 

"I suppose it was just that fifteen minutes because even after that we showed a little bit and got a try. 

"We could have got another two actually, but the game had gone."