WHITEHAVEN saw success on the weekend as they came away with a win. 

The West Cumbrian side faced off against Barrow Raiders in a Good Friday clash at the Ortus Rec. 

Whitehaven got a much-needed win of 23-22 in their second game of the season. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley spoke to Jordan Weir, he said: "These games don't disappoint, I said all week that it was going to be a typical, tough, derby that was going to be a close 80-minute job. They never finish with 20 minutes left in these games. 

"We always go right to the death, which the last three previously have and luckily this time for us we got over the line.

"The pitch held up really well, it was clagging a bit in areas but it didn't cut up often and I was pleased.

"We were good last week with the ball regarding getting through our sets, and even though we were down by ten points our completion was really high it was just our penalties letting Barrow into our goal line. 

"33 out of 36, I'm happy with that any day of the week. You're getting over the line anytime if you're getting in with that completion rate.

"We looked comfortable and it was Will this week who jumped out the line when there was no need to fall for the Barrow try in the second half. 

"So if he doesn't do that we don't concede a try in the second half. They have big middles and they do promote the ball quite a lot. I thought that was the half-time team talk, cut our penalties out and stop the offloads."

He continued: "Our day was really good and we worked hard, I thought we were out on our feet the last five or six minutes and I thought they had a period previous to that where they looked done and then they got a bit of second life and we looked done towards the end.  

"We were hanging on, but fair play to us we hung on enough."