THIS month Egremont Amateur Boxing Club had there held their second show. 

This took place on March 9 at the Conservative Clun in Egremont, there were two skills bouts and thirteen bouts. 

First up making his debut for the club was Cole Nicolson of Cockermouth who was in against Lennon Hope of Hawick ABC in a skills contest.

These two fighters showed great skill and determination in a good contest.

Cole is booked in to have his second skills this Friday on the Greens ABC show in Middlesbrough. 

Lewis Scholey was up next against Rocco Davidson of Doonhammers ABC. These two have sparred some rounds together in the past.

Both showed good skill in catching each other with good shots. It won’t be long now until Lewis has his first scored contest. 

Dan Hughes was making his debut against William Melvin of Furness Catholic. Dan lost the first round narrowly.

But he came back to win the second, it was all up to the last round where both boxers with their novice skill showed heart and determination above their age leaving it all in the ring with blood coming from both boxers. It was the Egremont boxer who came away with a unanimous points win refusing to take a backward step. 

Whitehaven News: Billie Donaldson Billie Donaldson (Image: Egremont ABC)

Jacob Carton was making a step back into boxing after a six-year absence. He was in against Hercules Kamden of Bluevale ABC.

Jacob kept a cool head in the last two rounds and boxed well taking Kamden's shots on his arms and gloves, Carton's corner and fans were in disbelief when Kamden was awarded a split-decision victory. 

Tom Bradley was in with Brandon Dixon of Maryport ABC. Tom was able to get his backhand going to Dixon's head and body to take the last two rounds.

Martin Savage was up next making his third outing for the club he was in with local foe Corbyn Pivott of Workington ABC. It was all on the last round and Savage took centre ring and got behind a well-executed jab to take the victory.

Billie Donaldson topped the card making her hometown debut, against Catharine Cunstable of Donnington ABC. Over a 3X3 minute round, Cunstable chose to wait for the counter but didn’t have to wait long. Both boxers being well matched this was a very close contested bout with the Egremont boxer having her hand raised.