THIS weekend Whitehaven RL will face off against Workington Town. 

The West Cumbrian teams will face each other in an annual derby for the Ike Southward Memorial Trophy. 

Whitehaven head coach, Jonty Gorley, said: "We're looking forward to another derby match, there was a good crowd their last time so we're hoping for a few more this time with it being the Ike Southward Memorial Trophy. 

"The more people that get there, the more revenue both clubs get. But that aside, it's always good to get a good crowd and a decent atmosphere, I'm looking forward to it. 

"It's been a bit of a mixed bag pre-season, we set off with a decent performance down at Widnes, then we got the defeat against Barrow, and the defeat against Halifax in the Challenge Cup. 

"It's Workington and we weren't great against them; I think that we need a good performance against them on Sunday so that we'll head in the right direction for the Widnes game. 

"The lads are fit enough, they're the fittest they've been in the time that I've been at Whitehaven. 

"We just need to put a bit more into practice on the pitch regarding errors, we need to put that right.

"With how we were against them a fortnight ago and how we were against Halifax I think we need to do a bit more attacking-wise. 

"We'll be doing a bit more at training with how we've been defensively because we didn't work on it as much last week with having no game. 

"We'll be having a session specifically on defence because we need to be a lot better than we were against Workington. 

"I just hope that the fans from both teams get down to the Fibrus Community Stadium and that they'll give the game what it deserves with a good occasion for Ike's family."

The game will take place on Sunday, March 3, at Workington Town's ground.