WHITEHAVEN faced off against Barrow this weekend in the 1895 Cup. 

The west Cumbrian side played Barrow Raiders at the Ortus Rec, and were on the receiving end of a 12-18 defeat. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley spoke to Jordan Weir and gave his views on the game. He said: "I'm happy with the effort but I just think we gave Barrow too much ball.

"I thought we lacked a bit of smart when Barrow was coming out and let them off the hook a few times when they got a couple of wins. 

"Going forward we gave a penalty away and rather than trying to slow the ball down we were right on the ball which put Barrow in the right areas of the field.

"They were finishing their sets well, I don't know how many repeats they got but it was the fifth set on when they got the first try and I think it was the fourth set when they got the second one. 

"That's a credit to them but we were putting them in those areas which we need to learn not to do. 

"I am happy with where we're at fitness-wise but when you put people like Brad Walker and Ryan Johnson in the field position to put their kicking game, with Ryan having a good long kicking game, I thought they just kept us on our heels in the goal line."

He continued: "I'm happy with our fitness but we just let Barrow in our half too often sometimes. 

"I thought Lachlan Hannegan did well and showed some pace to get the ball when it was put through, but we talked about at half time the difference was how Barrow were finishing their sets with good ball and how we sort of fizzled out. 

"We will work on it, it's only our second hit-out and there are new combinations in there but I'm happy with how it went."

On Sunday, February 11, Whitehaven will be playing at The Shay Stadium at 3pm as they face Halifax Panthers in the Challenge Cup.