WHITEHAVEN's head coach Jonty Gorley has spoken about the team's performance in their pre-season fixture against Widnes. 

On Sunday, January 14, the West Cumbrian outfit faced off against Widnes Vikings in their first pre-season game. 

Haven played away at Widnes with the side coming away with a 22-22 draw against the Cheshire team. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley spoke about the game to Jordan Weir, he said: "I thought we were in control of the game, just a couple of times we finished off our sets not how we should've done and give them a 20-metre start which was one where Rio put somebody back and they got sin-binned. 

"So even at 77 minutes they made a break down our left, Lachlan Hannegan got back and scrambled well getting back, then they made a break down our right on the next play, but we got back again and scrambled well. 

"We had three sets on our line late on and it wasn't until they put a kick over and got a try that way. 

"I'm really pleased with how they went, I'm not going to get excited about it there are things to work on but I think how we've been in pre-season, which we talked about on launch night, we've changed our philosophy. 

"I was really pleased with how fit the lads looked and I thought the effort areas were good and their attitude was good."

He continued: "That's their third hit out, it's our first, they used 23 we used 18. I'm happy and I wasn't even bothered when we went down to 12 men, it shows a little bit of resistance on our goal line putting them under a bit more pressure with the extra man. 

"As I said, I was happy with the fitness, at the start of the game all I was bothered about with the first hit out was making sure we got a first catch in and getting our timing right. 

"The main thing we asked for was effort areas and I can't ask for any more than I got today."