Two Egremont boxers came home winners at the Whitehaven Golf Club on the Workington ABC show.

Callum Myers was having a return contest with Brandon Briggs of Workington ABC.

Callum landed the cleaner shots in the first round off a lovely, timed jab as Briggs tried to close the range.

Callum started putting some nice combinations together as the round ended winning the round.

The Workington boxer upped the pace in the 2nd, but it was still the Egremont boxer controlling the bout on the jab and catching Briggs with nice backhand uppercuts, Myers winning the round.

The 3rd round was the best round to watch as the Workington boxer came on strong, pushing Myers back and landing backhands to head and body.

Myers looking for the big one let Briggs outwork him to take the round.

Myers won on all three judges' cards to take a unanimous decision.

Whitehaven News: Callum Myers Callum Myers (Image: Egremont ABC)

Martin Savage was in with Brandon Duncan of Workington, both came forward from the off looking to take centre ring.

The Workington boxer landed the first big shot which shook Savage.

The Egremont boxer got Back on the jab putting combinations together to take the round.

Round two set off just as the first did with savage on the jab as his opponent was loading up Martin winning the round.

The Workington boxer knowing he was down on points came on strong trying to force things this made it a scrappy affair, but Savage listened to the corner instructions and came away with a unanimous decision.