Whitehaven Rugby League are 'delighted' to secure the signing of Australian utility forward Owen McCarron on a 12 month deal with McCarron due to touch down in the UK by the end of November. 

McCarron, 24 will make his move to the UK having playing in the Queensland Cup competition down under as well as local league in his native Brisbane.

McCarron spoke about the move to the UK and his eagerness to join the club following a conversation with Jonty Gorley saying “ I’ve looked at the English game and I want to branch out and see what the other competitions have to offer, playing overseas representing the Aussie culture in England seems like a pretty cool deal to me.

"I had a good conversation with Jonty, I had a few questions for him and he has put my mind at ease and he’s got me really riled up to come over now and I’ll be over before the end of the month.

"The team and club are going to come first, you’re just wearing that jersey for a period of time."

Haven head coach, Jonty Gorley, was 'delighted' to capture McCarron/ saying “When Owens' clips come through he looked like the type of player I was after, he can play and defend on an edge but also he's at home through the middle of the field.

"He's played in the Brisbane league and also played a bit of Queensland cup this year, so he's playing at a good level.

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"After speaking to him recently I've realised what a great attitude he's got regarding what he knows he's to do to get and keep his place in the team.

"He's got a great approach to fitness and how I want him to fit in with the style of play I want us to play this year. 

"Can't wait for him to get over at the end of the month and get ripped into pre season”