Fans across Whitehaven are delighted today as their rugby league time has maintained their position in the Championship. 

It was a tense weekend for rugby fans as Whitehaven RL faced off against Toulouse on Saturday, September 23.

Despite losing the game, Whitehaven's fate rested on the result of the game between London Broncos and Keighley Cougars on Sunday and luckily that game went in their favour.

Rugby enthusiasts have shared their delight at the result of their beloved team maintaining their league position and avoiding relegation.

One rugby fan, Lee Fox, said: "It's a great achievement staying up after what the club's been through over the past season."

Sean High, who has been a lifelong supporter of the team, said: "It's great to see Whitehaven staying in the Championship after a hard year. I have supported Whitehaven all my life and there's not much that can beat this season after watching the results come in yesterday."

James Burns, who has followed Whitehaven RL for decades, said: "The club may find it difficult to keep their players, but I am still looking forward to next season."