Whitehaven RL suffered another tough defeat over the weekend as the end of the season looms nearer. 

The club has had a difficult season this year taking on tough sides on the pitch and suffering their own financial problems. 

On Sunday the West Cumbrian side headed to Heywood Road to take on Swinton Lions. 

Despite the game looking promising earlier on the team was just beaten with a near scoreline of 21-20 to Swinton Lions. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley said: "It wasn't very good, it wasn't the best game and I think our errors lost the game, it's just a Groundhog Day.

"We scored four tries to their three, we had chances but it's all about us and how we've been inviting teams in and making basic mistakes. 

"It's do or die on Saturday with our last game, Newcastle has been relegated so there's one more team to be relegated. 

"Barrow should be safe because this weekend we've got Toulouse at home who are second in the league, Swinton go to Halifax who need to win to get the top six and Keighley go to London who need to win to cement their place in the top six. 

"We've all got difficult games this weekend, I'm not saying any of us can't win as there's a possibility that could happen. 

"So, it is whoever has the worst result between us, Swinton and Keighley that will go down. 

"If we all win, it's whoever wins by the least, and if we all lose its whoever gets beaten by the most. 

"We play on Saturday and them two plays on Sunday, it's going to be tough and we need to get something out of this game whether it's a win or defeat by as little a margin as possible, that would be a result for us. 

"Because, as I say, Swinton and Keighley have hard games coming up away from home. We're staring relegation right in the face. 

"There isn't much we can do now as coaches, it's what mindset they have going into the game on Saturday that'll depend on how it goes."