This week Whitehaven RL faced another difficult game as they took on Halifax. 

The West Cumbrian outfit took on the Yorkshire side at The LEL Arena over the weekend losing the game 8-30. 

The team knows that they will need to get two points from somewhere as the final games of the season approaches. 

Head coach, Jonty Gorley, said: "It wasn't good was it? In the first half we were alright then in the second half they stepped up a gear and we didn't go with them. 

"They made a few errors in the first half and gave a few penalties away, we headered they scored, they headered we scored. That was halftime 6-4 to them. 

"We made a mistake when we were attacking and didn't see the ball again until it was 18-4. 

"So that sort of killed the game off, I think with teams like that we need to be one or two scores away or four points away to stay with them and stand a chance. 

"When they get two or three scores in front there's no pulling that back against sides like that at the minute. 

"It's going to be tough these next few games, it's a proper dogfight. We're currently on level with Keighley but they have a better points difference than us. 

"Winning two points in the next few games is vital, whether it be against Batley, Swindon, or Toulouse we've got to pick two points up from somewhere I think. 

"Even if we don't, we need to keep the scores against us to a minimum because, with a points difference, it all counts. 

"Swindon's two worse off than us and Keighley's ten to the better so it is going to be really tight. 

"If we're scoring points we need to be scoring plenty and if we're conceding points we need to be keeping it to a minimum, but ideally we need that two-point win from somewhere. 

"With only having three games left there's nothing else to do than what we've been trying to do regarding our skill level."