This week Whitehaven faced another tough defeat this time as they travelled away to take on London Broncos. 

The West Cumbrian side took on the southern outfit on Sunday and as the final whistle blew the score was 34-18 to the Broncos. 

Head coach, Jonty Gorley said: "The first half we weren't in the game, London at the minute is one of the form teams and is on a good run, they're so well disciplined, they don't make many errors, they turn the ball over in the right areas putting us under pressure, they did all that and they're a big side that we struggled to cope with in the first half. 

"They got the length of the field in most sets, but we still defended the players well it was another one of those games where we made too many mistakes, it's a fine margin in the Championship. 

"We didn’t see the ball there was one point where they had it for four sets and scored a try and there was another spell where we didn't see the ball for about ten minutes. 

"They had about eight sets on us and scored about three sets in that time, we were just compounding and knocking balls down letting them build more pressure in our half. 

"We talked about that at halftime in terms of controlling their forwards and picking our skill level up, the second half was a bit better. 

"There were two tries a piece, the lad's effort was great, and they never gave in I've got to give them a pat on the back for that I thought that they fought well in the second half. 

"We just need to keep on fighting because there's only us that can get us out of this. 

"I just liked how we competed in that second half; it shows that when you get a fair share of the ball you can score against a good side. 

"The pressures starting to build, and we've got to get some points from somewhere. 

"I really did think if we'd performed well enough at the weekend, we could have got some points down at London because we have got it in us."