A group of Whitehaven Rugby League fans walked from Maryport to Whitehaven as part of Chris Taylor's Testimonial. 

The walk started at Maryport Rugby Club and finished at The LEL Arena covering an approximate 13-mile distance. 

The walk, which was organised by Courtney Martin, took place on Saturday, August 19. 

She said: "So Myself, Courtney McCrickard, and the Testimonial committee have been working on the Testimonial from January until January 2024.

"Chris is a Wigan lad who has played for our club for 10 years and travels from Wigan three times per week. We have had past events such as a night with Wigan the lads, an Easter Party, and a Ladies Night. 

"We have the sponsored walk this week and then we have other events coming up too such as a bingo and quiz night on September 1.

"Chris' testimonial has been organised by teamwork between us all to give this lad the best testimonial year possible.

"The amount he has put and still puts into the club is unreal.

"We have held a bucket collection at the Barrow match on September 21 and will host another at the Halifax match on September 3. If anyone would like to look for future dates or information to do with Chris' testimonial please like the Chris Taylor Testimonial page on Facebook."

When the group reached Moorclose Fire Station they sang the 'Itchy Wa Wa' Whitehaven chant and when they reached Whitehaven Harbour they were accompanied by Lucas Castle, Alex Bishop, and Lachlan Lanskey to the finish line at the rugby club. 

The group thanked Eric and Mark Lewthaite who were the support vehicle offering drinks and refreshments for the journey.