CLEATOR Moor Celtic have appealed for funds to buy a defibrillator after footballer,Christian Eriksen had a cardiac arrest at the Euro's last weekend .

Coaches at the club wish to raise money to get a battery operated defibrillator at the training ground- which is located some way from the main arena.

Danish international Christian Eriksen, collapsed on the pitch at the Denmark v.Finland match on Saturday, June after having a heart attack.

His life is said to have been saved by the work of medics who quickly assisted the player on the pitch, giving him CPR to save his life.

Eriksen is now recovering in hospital and has thanked people for the help he received on the day and the messages of support he has received from all over the world.

In a post on Instagram yesterday morning, Tuesday 15, Eriksen said: "Big thanks for your sweet and amazing greetings and messages from all around the world. It means a lot to me and my family,"

"I'm fine - under the circumstances. I still have to go through some examinations at the hospital, but I feel okay.

"Now, I will cheer on the boys on the Denmark team in the next matches. Play for all of Denmark. Best, Christian."

The incident at the weekend has prompted many clubs to think about having new equipment such as defibrillators installed at their grounds to help if an incident such as what happened to Eriksen takes place'

The club had one defibrillator installed after the heart attack of Bolton player Fabrice Muamba in 2012, however feel that the incident at the weekend has pushed the need for an additional one that can be used by the second team

First team secretary at the club, Herbert Brigg's said:"It's just highlighted this again, you don't have to be unfit for stuff like this to happen , you could be super fit and have an underlying condition but this could happen."

"It's life changing."

"You would hope you get it and never have to use, but if it's there brilliant because it could save someone's life."

"Getting something that's going to help someone whose in cardiac arrest,it's a no brainer."

The club are seeking donations from any local businesses to help them in getting this vital piece of equipment to the club.

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