The Euros couldn’t have had a better start for England fans over the weekend beating Croatia in the opening game.

To mark the start of an exciting season of matches, we have asked readers to tell us where their favourite pubs are to grab a pint and chips while watching the footy.

Without further ado here is a list of the pubs you have chosen:


This favourite from residents boasts five TVs and two big screens on 29A Lowther Street.

Amber Sands, said: “Easily the best pub in Whitehaven.

"Incredibly well-priced food and drink. The food is good quality, fresh and home-made.

"Fantastic atmosphere on big sports days!”

Carl Perkins said: “It’s hectic on big football days, but you can’t beat the atmosphere.”


Great for karaoke and live bands, this lively pub on Chapel Street also gets busy with bustling football fans.

Thomas Pearson, said: “A quieter venue for football which helps us old folks!”

Neil Ogilvie, said: “Full of great characters and friendly bar staff.

"Puncheon is good for everyone.”


“There’s only one real ale here and it’s called Live Sports,” joked reader, Raymond.

On Botchergate this smaller venue has much to offer football fans with well-priced drinks and bustling atmosphere.

Bob Tumath said: “Great pub and really friendly staff.

"We’ve watched plenty of football games here and the owner delivers on a good mixture of local beers for these events.”

James Spencer said: “Good for watching sport.”


A choice for bigger crowds, Wetherspoons has loads of TVs and big screens to watch the football seemingly no matter where you’re seated, and has all the food and drink a fan could want without even leaving the table.

Howard Taylor said: “This is the best place to watch football in Carlisle.”

Katherine Gere, said: “Huge choice of beers and drinks, loads of seats and tables.

"You can see the footy from anywhere but outside!”

Graham Greenwood said: “It’s your standard Wetherspoons that never lets you down for big events like the Euros and always does the trick.”


This multi-storied pub on Market Place has some of its busiest periods when the football is on.

Whether you’re near the bar or at the back, you’ve got to get in early if you want a good table to watch the sports.

Dan Smith, said: “It’s the Castle Bar for me.

"You cannot beat the vibe and at the weekend it was rammed but good.

"Always have a good time.”