COACHES hope Whitehaven RL can bounce back against Widnes Vikings this weekend after a tough loss to Toulouse Olympique.

Whitehaven have consistently rebuilt after their losses this year.

The side adjusted from a loss to Dewsbury Rams in their first game of the Championship with a 29-20 win against Newcastle Thunder in March.

They suffered back to back losses against Featherstone and Bradford but hit back with a comprehensive 36-4 win over Oldham early this month.

After a 66-0 defeat to Toulouse on Sunday they will look to get back in the win column again when they travel to the Halton Stadium and face Widnes Vikings.

Assistant coach Jonty Gorley said that the Betfred Championship is “absolutely relentless.”

“We know what the challenge is ahead all year. Regardless of what 17 we put out for Whitehaven, we expect them lads to do a job.

“Just because you’ve got people who are full time in front of you, we shouldn’t be giving up the ball, giving up that much field position.

“At Oldham we didn’t do that and look at the result. At the weekend we did do that. I’m not saying it would have changed the outcome of the game but the score would have been different.”

Gorley said that players need a competitive mindset before clashes with borderline Super League calibre sides like Toulouse.

“I don’t think we were at the weekend and that’s the disappointing thing that needs to turn around on Sunday.

“You can look too far into Sunday (versus Toulouse) but it is a learning curve.”

Widnes are coming off the back of a 70-0 defeat to Toulouse and a 35-14 defeat to York City Knights.

But like a wounded animal, this could make them all the more dangerous.

Gorley said: “We’ve got to go strong to Widnes they’ll be looking for every game to turn that around.”

Whitehaven RLFC face Widnes Vikings this Sunday with a 3pm kick-off live on the OuRLeague app.