The opening of the 2021 season got under way on what turned out to be a sunny Saturday teatime at Oulton.

First to take the stage was the seniors where 13 lined up for mixed terrain trail of fields and moss.

Coming up the finish a close race was emerging between Reg Smith’s Acorn and Les Reid’s six-year-old Liz as they drew closer to the line, Liz veered slightly to the catcher allowing Acorn to take the victory ahead of Liz with Bill and Pat Mellon and Tina and Wak Airey’s Cracking Last One in third place.

The eagerly anticipated puppy trail saw 22 pups set of four pulling clear climbing up the finish Martin and Molly Burrow and Joanna Satterthwaite’s Thorn Belle held on strongly to take the victory by two lengths ahead of Denis Bland’s pair Huntman’s Que and Huntsman’s Quantum.

In the Open Maidens, a double was pulled off for Martin, Molly and Joanna as their eight-year-old Thorn Fire held off competition to take the victory ahead of Stephen Irving’s Zola with the Spring boy’s Forlorn Spring in third place.

The All in was won by Nashville ahead of Denton Balboa and Shiraz.

On Monday saw a new venue take to centre stage as Cobra Castle, Wilton, hosted the meeting.

Unfortunately, the seniors was declared void. In the pups James and Ava McClellan were highly delighted as their charge Duchess Ava took to the win ahead of Jonty and Evie Moore’s Another Try with Stephen Irving’s Zena in third.

The open maidens brought delight for young handler Erin Rowlandson as her pair Blue Blaze and Blue Diamond, Erin was helped to shout her pair home with dad Brian and Brother Joe as they claimed one two with Jonty and Evie’s Escape in third place.

The final of the trial trails was held at Kirkbride Grassings last Wednesday where Brian and Joy Lister were highly delighted at Imagine took the victory ahead of Caroline Graham and Denis Reay’s Hunter’s Flame with Lana McGee’s Nashville in third place.

The pups was won comfortably by Laura Steele and Andrew Bulman’s Jue’s Pride ahead of Martin, Molly and Joanna’s Thorn Belle in second and Nicola and Darren McMaster’s Maggie in third. The all in was won by Thorn Rose with Thorn Fire second and Intensity third.

Entries for the 2021 team competition need to be in by Saturday, four hounds per entry, entry terms are available on Hound Trailing News website.


May 1, Oulton, H -1pm, P - 2.30pm, ONW - 3pm, OR - 3.30pm

May 3, Kirkstone - H - 2pm, P - 3.30pm, OM - 4pm, OR - 4.30pm

May 4 - Gamelsby - H - 6.15pm, P - 7.45pm, AI - 8.15pm

May 5 - Cobra Castle, H - 6.30pm, P - 7.45, OR - 8.15pm

May 8 - Cobra Castle, H - 1.0pm, P - 2.15pm, OM - 2.45pm, V - 3.15pm


CHAMPIONSHIP TRAILS - April 24 to October 31

April 26 - Cobra Castle

Hounds - Void

Pups - 1st - Duchess Ava, 2nd - Another Try, 3rd - Zena, 4th - Denton Shamrock, 5th - Thorn Bell, 6th - Foxparke Who Gives A Toss

22 Ran Time 19.55

Open Maidens - 1st - Blue Blaze, 2nd - Blue Diamond, 3rd - Escape, 4th - Foxparke Just Got It, 5th - Foxparke Golden Balls, 6th - Forlorn Spring

27 Ran Time 19.48

April 24 - Oulton

Hounds - 1st - Acorn, 2nd- Liz, 3rd - Cracking Last One, 4th - Huntsman’s Nimrod, 5th - Best Mate, 6th - Insider

13 Ran Time 29.00

Pups - 1st - Thorn Belle, 2nd - Huntsman’s Que, 3rd - Huntsman’s Quantum, 4th Ann, 5th - Thorn Snap, 6th - Wishful Thinking

29 Ran - Time 19.05

Open maidens - 1st Thorn Fire, 2nd - Zola, 3rd - Forlorn Spring, 4th - Overwater Gemini, 5th - Meadow Spot, 6th - Imagine

34 Ran Time 16.50

All In - 1st - Nashville, 2nd - Denton Bilbao, 3rd - Shiraz, 4th - Canny Mover, 5th - Silver Dusk, 6th Foxparke Mo Farrah

18 Ran Time 16.48

MARCH/APRIL TRIALS - March 29 H to April 24 - The Grassings

Pups - 1st - Jues Pride, 2nd - Thorn Belle, 3rd - Maggie

16 Ran Time 11.15

Hounds - 1st - Imagine, 2nd - Hunter’s Flame, 3rd - Nashville

15 ran time 11.20

All In - 1st - Thorn Rose, 2nd - Thorn Fire, 3rd - Intensity

13 Ran - Time 11.23