As the hound trailing championship season approaches on Saturday, all eyes are on which puppy and hound have the potential to take the table.

In the pups, this is an open competition with Denise Bland’s Huntsman’s team showing potential at early doors, The Steele family’s Miterdale trio have also been prominent, Nicola and Darren McMaster’s pair Maggie and Martha have also showed ability to drive to the line. Laura Steele, Andrew and Joel Bulman’s Jues Pride has taken good wins recently.

In the senior grade, Reg Smith’s Acorn has shown her dominance, while Les Reid’s Liz has been consistent the question will be does she go in the seniors or veterans. Graham Reid’s Our Man Mike has also been consistent, Denise’s Huntsman’s Nimrod will also be one to watch.

On Tuesday at the Grassings, 32 juniors took to the trail in a short finish to the line and a group broke clear and the win was claimed by Laura, Andrew and Joel’s Jues Pride, ahead of Nicola and Darren’s Maggie with Denise’s Huntsman’s Quantum in third.

The seniors was won comfortably by Reg’s Acorn with Graham’s Our Man Mike in second and Ashley Horn’s Insider third. Les’s Liz made a sole appearance on the finish to take a comfortable victory ahead of Denton Balboa and Cracking Last One in the All In.

On Sunday, a return to the grassing to a new trail again a short finish where Laura, Andrew and Joel’s Jues Pride came from behind to snatch the victory from Nicola and Darren’s Maggie with David Clifford’s Eden Rayna in third. Reg’s Acorn beat in Carolin Graham and Denis Ray’s Hunter’s Flame with Caroline Clough and Barry Laidler’s Best Mate in third. The all-in was won by the Spring Boy’s Forlorn Spring with Intensity and Thorn Rose in second and third places.

Top Tipster needs to be in by Saturday, 3 seniors, 3 juniors and 1 low grade hound, points at weekend trails and double point at major trails, £5 per entry. The junior competition also need to be in to Joanna and Caroline by Saturday.



Saturday, April 24

Oulton - H, 4.30pm, P - 6pm, OM - 6.30pm, AI - 7pm

Monday, April 26 - Cobra Castle, H - 6.15pm, P - 7.30pm, OM - 8pm

Tuesday, April 27 - Kirkstone, H - 6.15, P - 7.30pm, AI - 7.50pm

Wednesday, April 28 - Cobra castle, H - 6.15, P - 7.30pm, OM - 8pm


April 17 - The Grassings

Pups - 1st- Jues Pride, 2nd - Maggie, 3rd - Eden Rayna 15 Ran Time 12.39

Hounds - 1st - Acorn, 2nd - Hunter’s Flame, 3rd - Best Mate 18 Ran Time 12.12

All In - 1st - Forlorn Spring, 2nd - Intensity, 3rd - Thorn Rose 16 Ran Time 12.29

April 13 - The Grassings

Pups - 1st - Jues Pride, 2nd - Maggie, 3rd - Huntsman’s Quantum 32 Ran Time 9.52

Hounds - 1st - Acorn, 2nd - Our Man Mike, 3rd – Insider 26 Ran Time 9.16

All In - 1st - Liz, 2nd - Denton Balboa, 3rd - Cracking Last One 23 Ran Time 9.14