EFFORT and a workmanlike attitude will be a key factor for Whitehaven ahead of their Betfred Challenge Cup clash against Widnes Vikings this weekend.

Whitehaven RLFC are bringing momentum to Halton Stadium after defeating Dewsbury Rams 23-16 in their first Challenge Cup game on Saturday.

“I think we needed that win at the weekend” said assistant coach Jonty Gorley.

“We didn’t have too many pre-season friendlies. It’s great to get a win in the Challenge Cup but we still need to see a few of our lads.”

He said: “We’re really looking forward to Widnes Vikings but we still need to look after the lads.”

Prior to Saturday’s clash with Dewsbury and Haven’s pre-season friendly against Newcastle Thunder, coaches expressed a need for caution as players have been off the field for 12 months due to lockdown. Nevertheless, Gorley said: “We’ll put a strong side together.”

Haven will look to keep their momentum going when they face Vikings, who are also coming off a first round victory. On Sunday they shut-out West Wales Raiders on route to a 4-58 victory.

Gorley said: "They've set the benchmark for effort this early, we can't go below that.

"You can never knock their effort. That effort got us through at the weekend. We had more game sense, the only thing we had to tighten up on was defence. We defended like lions in the second half."

Haven had to dig deep when injuries brought them down to 12 men.

"Charlo said at half time, 'there's many a team won with 12 men.'"

Speaking of the lessons learnt for upcoming games, Gorley said: "If we went side for side with any team, we're going to trouble them.

"To get a win in our first competitive game, it's given us confidence."