Seascale Golf Club's Wednesday competition was wiped out due to the weather, but in contrast Sunday’s sunshine attracted 146 players to compete in a Stableford for The Development Trophy.

John Paul Brocklebank (14) lifted the trophy with an impressive 43pts and earned himself a three shot handicap reduction. Three points behind, David Rogers (13), Ellis Gribbin (26) and Daniel Irving (23) all with 40pts secured the next three places.

David Kelly’s 39 off six handicap got him fifth, then came David Woodend (11), Rob Stalker (15), Bill Jenkinson (8) and Keith Hunt (8) all on 38pts. The final three prizes went to Ryan Lightfoot (10), Dave Jenkinson (12) and Dave Watson (8) who had the best of five 37s.

Fifteen twos were recorded with Bill Jenkinson and Tom Wright bagging two apiece.